Photo sur plexi, acrylique et collage sur toile

130X89 CM (52X36 INCHES)

A plastic artist and photographer, Florent works with street papers: raw and urbain material but also plexiglass wich is used as a photographic medium.
Florent’s work is exposed in France but also in foreign countries such as China, the USA, England, Germany and much more… Florent finds his own inspiration in the diversity and the movement of the city.
His predilection subjects: the perspectives of the Parisian aerial metro, train stations, French architecture, the streets of Paris, Marseille and New York. His creations are influenced by urbain and popular culture.
His creative technique is mixed: collage, marouflage, photography and acrylic on canvas. Florent uses pieces of posters taken from Marseille and Paris walls during his walks .
To put in a nutshell he works by superimposing his collage compositions with photographic prints on plexiglas.
His innovative work combines the «disorder» of pieces of urban lacerations with the rigour of the composition of the photographic image.
His universe is colorfull and dynamic. By tearing down layers of paper as he wanders, Florent reveals stories, his stories.