81X65 CM (32X26 INCHES)

Laurent PARCELIER is born in 1962 in France,. He was firstly interested in impressionism and set down on canvas the dordogne landscapes where he resided. But the cartoon lover soon swapped his colours for a pencil. He started drawing his own heroes and attented an Applied Art school. His obvioush talent soon materialised into the publication of several of his albums called “le drole de monde “ (“strange world”). His fame was begining to spread and his way seemed all traced out until the painting contest on the street where he was lent canvases, paint and paintbrushes. There, curiously, although he had not touched a paintbrush for several years, he hit the first painting prize . The south of France is his favourite location and his source of inspiration. Whilst admiring his style, one cannot help looking for impressionist influence. The aboudance of his blues and finely-shaded greens are an invitation to quietness and daydreaming, suggesting the bliss of an undisturbed , unruffled peaceful existence following its course gently and smoothly. His paintings are visions of an earthly paradise where everything is beautiful and in order, and where hours tick away imperceptibly and stealthily, without a sound

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