116X89 CM (46X36 INCHES)

Cécile Lehning was born on March 14, 1973 in Lorient.
Daughter and granddaughter of sailors but also illustrator, niece of a famous painter, art and travels are her life.

After studying in french art school "arts appliqués", she worked by "Marie-Claire" group where she collaborated with the magazines as a textile designer from 1994 to 1997 with numerous publications of creations.
After years of design and photo styling, she decided to take off, and is still a flight attendant for Air France company.
"Art and technique complement each other; for me they are inseparable.
Her travels are her inspirations and her inspirations in her travels are the encounters rich in humanity and cultures.
A neophyte in art gallery exhibitions, the Porte Heureuse gallery opens its doors to her with warmth and generosity in this summer season 2021.
His favorite themes are lovers, fashion, emotions, dandies, whatever the cultures and continents.
"Walking the avenues of New York, Los Angeles, New Delhi, Johannesburg or Tokyo, each culture gathers the same thing: the new generations.
Through beautiful landscapes, I observe the young people, incredible they are!
Street Art fascinates me and is a universal culture; it is a certain future in art. "
His techniques are mixed: acrylic, spray, collage.