55X46 CM (22X18 INCHES)


André DEYMONAZ was born in 1946 in CASABLANCA and died in 2019. As the son of a sailor, he traveled around the world, sailed the oceans, and lived in Provence. From his childhood, spent in both the pacific islands and the bright sunlight of Provence, he has drawn the basic ingredients which make him a true “painter of sun”. André DEYMONAZ is a lover of nature who wants always to reflect its beauty, never to betray it. He approaches numerous themes without fear: market scenes, meeting places, Provence villages, and intimate moments of ordinary people . He is capable of transmitting the beauty of the stalls, the atmosphere of the smoky cafes, where one can almost hear the laughs, and noisy conversation. DEYMONAZ is an international artist, and has exhibited all over the world. He is mentioned in BENEZITH and AKOUN.

Born in Casablanca in 1946

Exhibition in France :
1986 : First exhibition in VOIRON (Isère).
1987 : Gallery « VALDORIA » Vallauris (Alpes Maritimes).
1988 : Exhibition in BIARRITZ (Pyrénées Atlantiques).
1989 : Gallery « VENT DES CIMES » Grenoble (Isère).
1989 : Gallery « LACYDON » Marseille (Bouches du Rhône)
Since 1990 : Gallery « MAZARIN » Toulon (Var).
1990 : Gallery « DESTACAN » in Valence (Drôme).
1993 : Exhibition Espace Jacques BREL in Thionville (Moselle).
Depuis 1995 : Gallery « PLATINI » Veyrier du lac (Haute Savoie).
Depuis 1996 : ARTCLUB Gallery in Paris.
Depuis 1996 : GALLERY DE LA PLACE in LYON (Rhône).
1996 : Exhibition in Gordes (Vaucluse).
Depuis 1997 : Gallery BRIAND in Royan (Charente-Maritime).
1997 : Exhibition Baux de Provence (Bouches du Rhône).
Depuis 1998 : Gallery BOUSCAYROL in Biarritz and PAU (Pyrénées-Atlantiques).
Depuis 2000 : Gallery PORTE HEUREUSE in Roussillon (Vaucluse).
Depuis 2015 : Gallery RUSTINOFF in Saint Paul de Vence (Alpes-Maritimes).
Depuis 2015 : Gallery SAINT MARTIN in Arcachon (Gironde).

2014 : Exhibition in MILLET Muséum in Barbizon (Seine-et-Marne).

Exhibition in France-Oversea :

1992-1994: Exhibition in Nouméa (New Calédonia).
1993 : Exhibition in Cayenne (Guyana).
Since 1994 : Gallery DES TROPIQUES à Papeete (Tahiti).
1994 : Exhibition in Saint-Denis de la Réunion.
Since 2015 : Gallery « LE CHEVALET D’ART » in Nouméa (New Calédonia).

Exhibitions in other countries :
1991 : Exhibition in COPPET (Switzerland).
1998 : Milton Ernest (UK)
1999-2006: MEDICI GALLERY in London (UK)
1998 : Gallery PLATINI in Portland (OREGON - USA)
1998 : Gallery RINDONE in Berkeley (CALIFORNIA-USA)
Since 2000 : Exhibition in CARMEL (CALIFORNIA - USA)
Since 2004 : Gallery « ABSOLUTE AMERICANA ART GALLERY» in Saint Augustine (FLORIDA - USA)

Divers :
1998 and 2002 : 6 stamps published in Tahiti

Mentioned in AKOUN and BENEZITH.

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