100X70 (40X28 INCHES)


CARLI was born 1978 in Toscania (Italia). She always had a pencil in her hand ans draws since she remembers of herserf.
She was graduated by Artistic High School “Duccio di Buoninsegna “ in Siena and then at The Academy of Fine Arts in Florence.

Her focus on female subjects is her personal tribute to women.
But women… women are complicated, overwhelmed, controversial, wells as deep as their eyes. In our patriarchal society they carry on battles for freedom, they have been heroines that may be only fighting for they right to education or to the vote have never lowered their head and have affirmed their individuality as a being not subjected to men.
She likes to paint eyes, she enjoyes it… they are shining, liquid, moving,shimmering… they are lively! They can make the whole face alive because we receive endless information, emotions, stimulation through a glance, eyes are the door to the soul or to that impalpable something that belongs to mankind. When she paints a face she always starts from the eyes: they are the key that opens all the rest of the painting and when she doesn’t succeed in making them she throws all the canvas away!
She models young girls whose glance entices me and she renders them through the colours used in the impressionist style, trying to catch the fragility, the sweetheart together with the strength that belongs to women. The painting is materic and the colours are often as contrasting and strong as the feelings and drives inside each woman.

She exhibits in several galleries in Italie en France


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